Friday, December 2, 2011

So Close!!

I just found out last night that I am only $350 away from a title promotion with Stampin' Up!! It really makes me want to get the business going full-force, but I don't want to invest in more business cards and more supplies! *I say "more" business cards because of my recent purchase of 250 business cards to grow my lia sophia business! I love both companies, and want to stick with them both, but being so close to a title promotion really lights a fire, ya know?

Does it matter that the sales are only thanks to my husband and my best friend?? ;)

I have been a crafting fool the last few weeks. Since the discovery of Pinterest and the free time to try out new techniques, I've created quite a few really neat things! Some of the techniques I've found were so simple it was amazing I hadn't heard of them before! Right now, I can't quite divulge some of the things I have finished, but once the holidays are over (and provided I remember...), I will post pictures and more details. Not like anyone reads this, but just in case, I don't want to spoil the surprise of their Christmas gifts! I will say, though, that these things are things I'd be incredibly proud to display and consider selling!

If you have not already, look into these techniques! Let me know what you think!

* Home-made Mod Podge
* Puffy paint on wax paper
* Double Embossing

At some point today or tomorrow I will be experimenting in baking marbles. Yes, baking marbles. I will be taking store-bought glass marbles and baking them in my oven. If it works, the final results will be STUNNING, and I'll have one more picture to add to the already insane list of stuff I have to post!!


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