Monday, August 22, 2011


So, my status as an "Independent Contractor" working for a market research company ended on the 8th, so I'm frantically looking for a new job before we get in a financial situation we can't handle.

In the mean time, I'm hoping something will come of my crafting. My Stampin' Up! Business is going nowhere, but I don't have a very large network of craft-friends. I'm working on that, but I don't want to force Stampin' Up on anyone. I guess I'm not completely cut out for direct sales... I won't give up, though!!

I'm also working on making some stationery sets and other craft items that I can sell. Hubby's job just barely pays the bills (when he works an extra 15 hours of over time each week...), so anything I can contribute is helpful.

Pictures of the things I've created thus far will be posted this week. I just finished one full stationery set, and will be starting on three others tomorrow. Since I've already applied to over 175 jobs in the last two weeks, I think I can take a full day break from the job hunt and craft! I'm also working on jewelry, too, again, hoping to bring some money in. I'm pretty proud of the few things I've created so far, and will be posting those pictures, too!

Hope everyone's doing well!!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Oh, wow. I really suck at this blog thing. I only remember I have it once in a blue moon!!

What's new in the life of a Caffeine Critter? Kind of a bit, actually.

My mom had her shoulder replaced on July 11th. That was her last joint replacement (hopefully) for a long time! In the past four years, she's had both knees replaced, her right hip, and her left shoulder. This surgery replaced her right one. My brother and I lovingly refer to her as the Bionic Woman!

My mother-in-law had one of her kidneys removed due to a grapefruit sized tumor on it. Her surgery was also July 11th.

Both mom's are doing very well!

I've joined the Google+ and Spotify Communities; I don't know why! lol

On July 23rd, I got to see the super group, NKOTBSB in concert with my best friend!! (My profile picture is us at the concert - I'm in the white tee, on the right) We had a BLAST. She and I actually became friends over a common love of the Backstreet Boys back in 1998, and we've been friends since. The concert was beyond amazing, and we got a ton of great pictures! She even found a story we wrote throughout high school (yep, the dates on our story pages spanned 4 years), and had a lot of laughs going through it! Apparently, I'm a very visual person...there were all sorts of drawings and diagrams on the pages, most of which I drew. Not sure why I needed to do that...!

I've also started making lots of cards and jewelry. My goal is to make some extra income for my husband and I so I can save up to go on a Backstreet Boys cruise in 2012. The cruise happens the month before my 30th birthday, and it would be a dream! Not only am I saving up the money to go, I'm determined to lose at least 100 pounds between now and then. The ultimate weight loss goal is 140 pounds, but we'll see!! I signed up for Weight Watchers Online this week, and today (8/4) was day 2 for me. I'm really excited, and I hope the excitement continues!!

Hopefully I won't take such a long hiatus again, but I think I only write this for myself!! :)