Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Bind It All Project

So, I finally decided to get a Bind-It-All, after talking one of my best friends out of buying it! In my defense, I had a coupon and I plan on using it to make my wedding guestbook - spend $50 on the book I wanted and use it once, or spend $50 on the BIA to create the book of my dreams and still get to use it again!

This was the first thing I made with my Bind-It-All...a notebook for my fiance! :) I put his name on it, so just in case he forgets to lock it up in his drawer at work, people will know it's his, but I edited the picture so y'all can't see his full name! lol Sorry, safety first! :-P
He's a huge football fan, and his favorite team is (my LEAST favorite team) the Dallas Cowboys, so I did my own rendition of their logo for him.
I'm officially addicted to making things with my BIA, so I promise, this will not be the last BIA project I share with you all!