Saturday, June 27, 2009

My First Blog Post!!

Whoohoo!! First craft-related blog post, EVER!

I figure with all the crafting I've been doing lately, I may as well let the world in on what I've been doing!

The new apartment is fantastic for crafting - Jeff & I have a "craft room" in the third bedroom. We have a recliner in here for him, my flat screen, all our computers, a DVR, and one of the X-Box 360's. He plays his video games while I'm scrapping, and all is good! Its nice not to be on the other side of the apartment from him. Even if we aren't talking, he's still there if I need him.

So yeah. I've been creating like crazy the last few days!!

Here's everything I've done this week:
*Finished & mailed bridal shower invitation fronts for an "invitation card front" swap (7 cards).
*Finished & mailed cards for a 6 month card swap (6 themes, 10 cards of each theme).
*Created & mailed anniversary cards for a "choose your theme" swap.
*Created & mailed cards for a "wedding card" swap.
*Created 20 "trinchies" (3"x3" pieces of card stock, decorated) for a beach-themed swap.
*Started working on my "Box On A Budget" swap, for which I've altered a mini composition book, created my first ATC (which I'm very proud of), and created a sticky-note holder.

I also decided about an hour ago to get the pictures off my two memory cards and organize them on my computer. That wasn't too bad, actually. I've been putting it off and putting it off, but I think between the two, I only had about 250 pictures! Now I have two fresh memory cards; one for crafts and one for everything else.

And now I've created my blog!

Hopefully, I'll learn how to add pictures, and I can post pictures of everything I've done (minus the Box On A Budget things, just in case my partner decides to check out my blog! hehe)!

Thanks for looking!!

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