Friday, July 31, 2009

Project Collages

I made some collages of the most recent things I've created for swaps. The goal was to post them all individually, but blogspot and I don't get along when it comes to posting multiple pictures!

The above photos are of paint cans I did for a Princess Paint Can Swap, and a Sizzling Summer Paint Can Swap.

Hello Kitty Mini paint can and the journal I altered.

A bunch of cards I made for different swaps.

These are actually items that my partner sent me in the Box On A Budget swap! So wonderful!!

The items I made for my partner in the Box On A Budget swap! I altered a magnet, a small and a large composition book, paper clips, a little pocket calendar, and some coasters to make a mini album. I also altered a little box to hold the notecards I made for her. I made a post-it note holder (the Christmas House Mouse pictures), 2 gift tags (one shown b/c they were the same), a bookmark, a card kit (card shown above in the "cards" collage - it's the "a little birdie told me" card), card candy, and an ATC. The collage isn't fantastic this small, but it gives you an idea! :)
And now I'm off to attempt to post some of these pictures on the Cricut Boards...I'll probably wait until tomorrow, though, because I'm really tired and I have one more picture to post on here tonight! :)

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